Spoonbill  / Paddlefish  Snagging,  and Sandbass fishing

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If you want to catch some very BIg Paddlefish , then Spoonbill snagging is for you. We do our Spoonbill fishing either on Fort Gibson or Oologah. We also do a lot of Sandbass(White bass) and Catfishing. All of these fish are the most active in the months of  November thru April. The Paddlefish(or Spoonbill catfish) range in weigths from 20 to 80lbs. Although the state record is over 100lbs. Sandbass will weigh up to 3 to 4lbs, Catfish 2 to ??lbs

Snagging video        2-18-14

 The majority of our fishing for Spoonbill at Chouteau Bend is done while trolling around 4mph with the lines out behind the boat. Sometimes we may do some casting and sometimes we may troll and jerk. It all depends on the conditions But most will be trolling at 4mph with lines out looking for the Spoonbill. For Sandbass we mainly use live shad cast into eddies and along shore line and brush piles or sometimes troll with lures.

It is some great fishing and  a great time.