There were three boats from the Tulsa area that went to Port O'Conner, Texas, the week of Oct. 4, 2006. This is an accounting of what happened in my boat on the 6th.102_1433[1].JPG



Friday it was my turn - after we had hooked and lost two other Tarpon, at about 5PM with a STRONG incoming tide a BIG fish hit my bait and rocketed up and out. Again all three of us shouted "TARPON" as line went screaming and the tarpon continued jumping - I think it jumped a total of seven times with the last jump 300 yards away from the boat. On the first jump it nearly hit a passing boat who got a GOOD look at our fish. We pulled anchor at 400 yards out and started chasing the fish to regain line. The tarpon cooperated for a short while swimming up against the current, and made three more short runs as I strained to hold on. It kept running straight for the prop so Tony finally killed the engine and raised the motor. We were now one mile from where the battle first started and one hour into the fight. I was wishin someone would shoot me or the fish to stop the misery (MY arms were quivering). We played ring around the boat for another twenty minutes being very careful not to lose what just kept gettin bigger with each good look we got at it. FINALLY the fish blew bubbles (and I) and after ten more minutes Tony and Shawn grabbed the leader. Seeing that Shawn would not be able to lift this fish , Tony jabbed his hand behind the gills and they pulled like mad to get the heavy fish in the boat. Man, talk about proud - I think we were all bout as happy as three peas in a pod. High fives, a soda can-sized scale, pics, and we slid it back over the side. Shawn realized he wasn't in Kansas anymore at this point.

The fish had a 40 inch girth, 90 inches long, when multiplied that equals =======


What a trip! Plus we caught numerous Reds and Jacks in the 25 to 30 lb. range.