There are always EXCUSES for not catching fish.

 1. Relatives in the boat

 2. Should have been here yesterday

 3. Cows were laying down------Wildlife not feeding

 4. Male fish too interested in  Spawning

 5. Female fish all have Migraines

 6.North wind, South wind, East wind, West wind, blowing too hard.

 7.Not enough wind

 8. Need a bigger boat

 9.Too hot

10. Too cold

11.Water too muddy

12. Water too clear

13. Didn't go

14. We didn't get skunked------we ran out of time

15. Full Moon---Gravitational pull caused all of the fish to get a headache--not hungry

16. No Moon------Too dark for the fish to see to eat

17. Lake turned over, all the fish are dead

18. Its raining----- fish are already wet.

19.Didn't hold your mouth right,------Told my son that when he was 3 and he said, "You mean Shut?"

Skiatook Lake Hybrid Guide