My Bio

I’ve been fishing since I was 10 years old. I started guiding for hybrids/stripers in 1999. I have been fishing for hybrids/stripers since 1990. I got hooked on a guided striper fishing trip to Beaver Lake in 1990, when we caught a 26-pound fish. I have fished with my son for the last 17 years. As you can see by the "watch 'em grow" page, he has been fishing his whole life. My hobbies are fishing and fishing. When I am not fishing, I am usually planning a camping trip to go fishing. My favorite place to fish and camp is beautiful Lake Ouachita. There is nothing better than to watch a bald eagle dive down and pick up your old bait or watch a 20-pound striper knock a shad 2 feet out of the water.




I am not as lean or as mean but still a Marine  ( X )