Spoonbill/Paddlefish on Fort Gibson

03-10-18: FISH ON: We had a good day on Fort Gibson today snagging for Spoonbill/Paddlefish. They were running a lot of current and that made it alittle difficult. We found a bunch of Spoonbill males on our second stop. We ended up loosing a bunch of Divers there after we had caught some nice Paddlefish. We went looking for some bigger Paddlefish. We didn't find any so we went back to our second stop. The Paddlefish were still there. We caught a nice 45lb Female this time. but the rest were around 30 to 35lbs. We were trolling with Dipsy Divers at about 4mph. Water temp. is 50degs. See my Facebook page for pics.

10 Mar, 2018