03-23-17: Today was Jim and John's last day of chasing the Olahoma Paddllefish and they did not get diaspointed. We had three decent Spoonbill in the first 30 minutes and then it just got steady.  We never moved form our original location today. After about three hours they decided they had enough and we kept the next couple of Paddlefish. The last one weighed in at 54lbs. 6lbs short of what Jim was wanting but it was close enough. At the end of their three days we had boated 40 nice Spoonbill/Paddlefish. With the biggest being 54lbs and we had a couple of those. All of todays Spoonbill were caught in about 20fow. Water temp is 62 degs. See my Facebook page for pics and video.

23 Mar, 2017