02-11-17: FISH ON:  Ron and Penny came from Nebraska to enjoy some good Oklahoma fishing. They came for some Catfish and some Spoonbill fishing. We started looking for the Catfish at first and found some active feeders. It never did get fast just kinda steady. We ended the morning with 15 Catfish and went looking for some Spoonbill/Paddlefish. We found those reel quick. We caught four in about 30 minutes and two of those were a double(see video). The Spoonbill/Paddlefish all weighed around 40lbs. we caught the Spoonbill/Paddlefish by trolling and jerking. Water temp. is 50degs. All of the Catfish were caught on cut bait in about 20fow cast away from boat. See my Facebook page for pics and video.

12 Feb, 2017