Sooner Lake Fishing Guides Report

11-10-17: FISH ON!  We had a good day today fishing for HYbrid/Stripers on Sooner Lake. We got off to a pretty slow start but we kept moving around out on main lake til we found some pretty good active feeders. The Hybrids/Stripers we found were suspended at 20ft in 35fow. After we caught a few on freelines I switched a few more lines over to freelines and we started bringing in some pretty nice Hybrids. We also caught some nice Channels and a keeper Saugeye along with a whole lot of White perch. We did go to the warm water side once that slowed down and caught a couple kittys there. Water temp. on cold side was 57degs and 66 on warm side. Most of the Hybrid/Stripers were caught on freelines on live shad. See my Facebook poage for pic.

09 Nov, 2017