Sooner Lake Fishing Guides Report

07-14-17: We had a pretty good day today fishing for HYbrid/Stripers/Wipers on Sooner Lake. It started out a little slow and then it just got steady. We broke off a few and missed some but overall it was a good day. We found the HYbrid/Stripers in about 35fow. Some were caught on downlines and some were caught on downlines cast away from the boat. The ones cast away from the boat worked pretty good. Maybe because the Hybrid/Stripers/Wipers were really on the move. Big Hybrid/Striper/Wiper for the day was about 4lbs. Most were between 2 to 4lbs. Water temp is 84degs. We had some wind and a good cloud cover. See my Facebook page for pics and Video.

14 Jul, 2017