Sooner Lake Fishing Guides Report

10-20-17: We had a reel good day on Sooner  Lake fishing for HYbrid/Stripers/Wipers. It started out like the house was on fire and slowed down some after a while, but then the wind really picked up. The trolling motor batteries died on us about the the time the Hybrid/Stripers slowed down. We moved and put out the anchor and found them again but by then the wind was really howling and the anchor wouldnt hold. We tried another spot with a little protection from the wind but no Hybrid/Stripers were there. We did end the morning with a real good box of Hybrids. The water temp. is 67degs, we were in mostly 31fow, and big Hybrid was about 4lbs. See my Facebook page for pic

20 Oct, 2017