Sooner Lake Fishing Guides

12-28-17: We were having a good morning on Sooner Lake fishing for Hybrids. We caught 10 had a couple break offs and missed some in the first couple hours. Then the sun came out, the wind stopped blowing and the birds sat down on the water. That pretty much ended the fish  catching. We only caught a few more after that. Im not sure what the birds setting on the water has to do with aything but the fish quit feeding when that happens. We ran out to the cold side and did not mark a fish there. Came back to warm side and looked around and ended up where we had started. Water on warm side at buoy line was 56degs, cold side was 43degs. All were caught on live Shad on downlines. Big Hybrid was about 4lbs. See my Facebook page for pics.

28 Dec, 2017