Sooner Lake

12-02-18:FISH ON!!! Another reel good day on Sooner Lake fishing for Hybrid/Stripers. Richard family and friends came from Kansas to enjoy some Hybrid action on Sooner Lake.  We found a good school right off and it was very steady for awhile. Then it slowed down and we went looking. We made a couple stops without finding any and then went back to close to where we started. We found them again and it started all over again. We ended up leaving them biting but not before we had boated 46 Hybrids. They were all caught on donwlines. We found the Hybrids in 24 to 26fow. Water temp. ranged from 51 degs to 58 degs. Big Hybrid was about 4lbs with a nice 8lb Blue also. See my Facebook page for pics.

02 Dec, 2018