Sooner Lake

11-23-18: FISH ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Joe brought his family and friends for some Hybrid action and we found it. We got on a reel good school first thing and put a bunch in the box. Joe decided he would like to find some Catfish so we changed locations. We dint find any Catfish so we went back to the Hybrid action. We found a monster school and finally left them biting. Our first stop we were in 34fow and our second spot we were in 26fow. Water temp. on the warm side is 53degs. The were not generating today. Big hybrid for the day was a reel nice 6lbers. All were caught on downlines. Some on dead whole Shad and some on live Shad. We caught 83 Hybrids 3 Catfish, two Drum and a whole bunch of White Perch. See my Facebook page for pics.

23 Nov, 2018