Sooner Lake

11-16-18: FISH ON!!!!!! Rick and I decided to make a trip to Sooner Lake while the HYbrid action was HOT. It started out ok but not up to what it had been. We caught Hybrids on each stop but just not alot. We made another move and that was our last one needed. We found a reel lee good group in only 13 fow. We stayed there the rest of the morning and left them biting after we had caught 61 nice Hybrids. Big fish for the day was a nice 12lb blue with another one close behind. Big Hybrid was about 5lbs with most being 2 to 4lbs. Water temp. was 58degs on warm side. All were caught on down lines. From 32fow to 13fow. See my Facebook page for pics and video.

16 Nov, 2018