Sooner Lake

10-27-18: FISH ON!!! Sooner lake just keeps getting better every day. We had a reel lee good outing with Dennis and Johnny today. Our first stop in 32fow produced about 10 Hybrids. Second spot was the same but the third spot was in 38fow and it pretty much was non stop. All of our Hybrids were caught on downlines on live Shad. But the Hybrids seemed to like the 20 to 25ft range. If you went any deeper you would catch White Perch. We ended the day after about 4 hours having boated 55 Hybrids and 10 White Perch. Biggest Hybrid was about 4lbs but we did have a nice 7lb LMB. Water temp. is 62 degs. See my Facebook page for pics.

27 Oct, 2018