Skiatook Lake Fishing Guides Report

04-28-17: We had a pretty slow day on Skiatook fishing for Hybrid/Stripers. I went to where they had been the last couple of trips but only caught one small one there. I had been pullling planners boards up pretty shallow, but they did not seem to be there this time. So we changed stragties and went looking deeper. We found a good school in about 35fow and caught some and missed several, but that school moved on and that was pretty much the end of catching. We did catch a few more but not many. I did go look up north in the muddy water and did not see anything. The muddy water was 64degs and the clearer water was 62degs. Most of our Hybrid/Stripers were caught on downlines in 35fow and they were coming thru at 20ft. See my Facebook page for pics.

28 Apr, 2017