Skiatook Lake Fishing Guides Report

08-31-17: FISH ON We had a really good day on Skiatook Lake with a great family. Our first stop only produced a Catfish so after alittle bit we moved and it was POLE DOWN  for awhile. The HYbrids on that spot seemed mostly on the small side, but we did catch our limit on size there and numbers. We moved again and it was POLE DOWN again. Only these HYbrid/Stripers were on the larger size. The HYbrid/Stripers seemed to mostly want the baits on the freelines. The HYbrid/Stripers were really aggresive and were swalloing the bait.  We had a lot of breaks offs also and I think that came from line rubbing on the HYbrid/Stripers Teeth(10lbtest). We ended up running out of bait but not before we landed around 35 HYbrid/Stripers, 6 Catfish and 5LMB and a SMB. Water temp. is 80degs and we were in 30fow. See my Facebook opage for pics.

31 Aug, 2017