Skiatook Lake Fishing Guides Report

05-10-17: We had kind of a slow day today on Skiatook Lake fishing for HYbrid/Stripers. We seemed to find plenty of fish we just couldn't get them to bite. We started off catching some small ones then moved around and found a few bigger Hybrid/Stripers. Went back to our first spot but no takers there. Went back to the second spot and found a few more. We ended the day having caught 13 Hybrid/Sripers a couple kitties and a smallmouth. Water temp. is between 67  and 70degs depending on where you are on the lake. We caught most of our Hybrid/Stripers on live sahd on downlines in 20fow. Big Hybrid/Striper was 5lbs. See my Facebook page for pics.

10 May, 2017