Skiatook Lake Fishing Guides Report

05-06-17: FISH ON We had a reel lee good morning on Skiatook lake fishing for HYbrid/Stripers. It started off with a pretty nice Hybrid in the boat pretty quick. Then nothing, we made a couple moves with no luck then i got a call from Larry Wine(of Hook Line and Sinker Guide service)(he only had one up til then also) that he was on some good fish. So we went running. When I slowed down of where Larry was I marked a HUGE scholl of fish. We stopped there and the fun began. (Larry soon joined us). When it all ended we had caught our four man limit on size and numbers plus some  extras. These fish were in 18fow, all but a couple were caught on downlines on live Shad. big Hybrid/Striper was 6lbs. Water temp. is 63degs. See my Facebook page for pics

06 May, 2017