Skiatook Lake Fishing Guides Report

05-05-17: FISH ON We had a reel lee good day today on Skiatook fishing for Hybrid/Stripers. It started off about as slow as it gets with just one Hybrid/Striper to show for a couple hours of fishing. Then after a couple of more stops I decided to go back to where we had caught the kIttys yesterday. To my surpise some really nice Hybrids had showd up. We started catching them on freelines and downlines. We finally stopped when we had our limit on size and numbers plus some more. The Hybrid/Stripers had some really good size. We had 3, 7lbers and our biggest was 8lbs. with some more 5 and 6's. We were in 10fow using shad. Water temp. is 61degs and murky. See my Facebook page for pics.

05 May, 2017