Skiatook lake Fishing Guides

05-25-20: FISH ON!!!  We had a ree lee good morning with Jason and his family today on Skiatook Lake fishing for Hybrid/Stripers. It started off as fast as it could be with Hybrids coming over the rail before all the rods were out. Once we got all the rods out we had doubles almost constantly for a hour or so. Once they moved so did we. We found another good group on our second stop and the action started all over again. That lasted a couple of hours before the boys got tired and Jason decided to call it quits after three hours.. But not before we had boated 62 Wipers  and 10 Sandbass. All were caught on downlines on cut bait. We were in 34 to 22fow. Water temp. is 67degs. Big HYbrid was about 4lbs. See my Facebook page for pics.

25 May, 2020