Skiatook lake Fishing Guides

07-23-19: FSH ON!!! We hd a reel good day on Skiatook Lake fishing for Hybrids with John and family. It started out reel slow then we made a move and saw some Hybrids surfacing. I got close to them and put out some lines and they were Hangry. We caught several there on freelines and downlines. The I got a call from a friend that he was on a good school, by then ours had slowed down so we went running. they had slowed by the time we got there, but we moved out alittle deeper and it was Game on again. We stayed there till we ran out of bait. By then we had boated 30 Hybrids and 20 Catfish. Big Hybrid/Striper was 7lbs and big Catfish was 6lbs. Water temp. was 85degs. We caugh them on freelines and downlines. We caught the wipers in 45 to 60fow 20ft deep. All on live Shad. See my Facebook page for pics.

23 Jul, 2019