Skiatook lake Fishing Guides

07-04-19: Fish On!!  We had a good day today on Skiatook today fishing for Hybrid/Stripers. It started off alittle slow and then we just kind of pecked away at the Wipers the rest of the morning. Our last stop produced the best and the biggest. We caught two 7lbers and a couple 6's and 5's all off of the one spot. They seemd to want a little bit of everything today. from cut bait on freelines to cut bait on downlines and live shad on freelines and downlines. Water temp. is 84dges. We found the Hybrid/Stripers in 25 to 33fow. We caught our limit of Hybrids and about 15 Catfish. See my Facebook page for for pics.

04 Jul, 2019