Skiatook lake Fishing Guides

FISH ON!!!! We had a reel good day today on Skiatook Lake with Bob,his family and friends. We found the Hybrids pretty quick, but then some storms ran us off. We went back after about a hour and the Hybrid/Stripers were still Hangry.  We sat on that group for awhile till it slowed down and went looking for some more Hangry Wipers. We found the Hybrids  on each stop. We ended up in 9fow and the Hybrid/Stripers were just as hungry there. We caught the Hybrids on cut bait and live bait. We were in 25 to 9 fow. Water temp. is 62 degs. We caught around 45 fish with 35 of them being Wipers. Big Wiper was 5lbs with several more close behind. See my Facebook page for pics.

23 Apr, 2019