Skiatook lake Fishing Guides

05-17-19: FISH ON!!!!! Skiatook Lake just keeps on keeping on. Another reel lee good day fishing for Hybrid/Stripers on Skiatook Lake. It started out with us catching some medium size Wipers all on live bait. After that slowed down we made a move and found some reel good sized Hybrids on cut bait. The first stop we were in 20fow and the second stop we were in 29fow. Not sure how that made a differnce on what the Wipers wanted but it did. We caught all of the Wipers today on downlines. Water temp. is 70degs. We had three HYbrids weighing in at 6.8lbs. The rest of the 62 Wipers we caught were between 2 to 5lbs. See my Facebook page for pics.

17 May, 2019