Skiatook Lake

08-06-18: FISH ON!!!! We had another reel good day on Skiatook Fishng for HYbrid/Stripers. It took us a couple stops to find them but when we did they were Hangry. We found them in 42fow. We caught all but one on downlines. After that played outr we made a move and found them again in 42fow, but they wee coming thru at 30ft. Once we adjusted ut depth we started in again pulling the Hybrids over the side of the boat. They moved on after about a hour, so we back to the other spot where we had caught them. It started all over again in  42fow. all on downlines on live Shad.  Nothing very big today. biggest was about 4lbs. We ended the day haveing boat 34 HYbrids plus some Sandbass and Catfish. See my Facebook page for pics.

06 Aug, 2018