Oologah Lake Fishing Guides Report

01-08-20: FISH ON I got to take JC and his friends out today and we had a pretty good time. We did a combo trip and decided to go after the Spoonbill first since the wind was going to pick up pretty good as the day went on. We did good on numbers on the Paddlefish but the size was not reel good. Once we caught all of those we wanted we went looking for the Catfish. We found some but not as good as we had been doing. The ones we did catch had some reel good size. We found the Spoonbill in 35fow while trolling divers at about 4mph. Big Spoonbill was 35lbs. We caught the Catfish in 17fow all on fresh cut bait cast out away from the boat. Big Catfish was 8lbs. Water temp. is 45degs. See my Facebook page for pics.

08 Jan, 2020