Fort Gibson Spoonbill & Sandbass Guides report

04-09-19: FISH ON:Another reel good day on Fort Gibson fishing for Sandbass. Dennis came from Iowa to catch some Okie Sandbass and he got the chance. It took a coule stops to find the Sandbass. The water flow kept increasing and was chnaging where the White Bass had been. We found the Sandbass on a gravel bar and they were hungry. When it was over Dennis had boated 60 nice White Bass. Several around two lbs. All but a few were caught on live Shad. Some were caught on dead Shad. Dennis did not want to Spoonbill fish. So we stayed on the White Bass the whole time. Although I did see several Spoonbill/Paddlefish on the locator. And I saw some Paddlefish being cleaned. See my Facebook page for pics.

09 Apr, 2019