Fort Gibson Spoonbill

01-13-20: FISH ON!! John and I made a quick trip to Fort Gibson today looking for some Spoonbill/Paddlefish. We found them in about 40fow. They were really stacked up when we first started. But I did not have the divers at the right depth. Once i got that figured out they started coming over the side of the boat. We ended up catching 8 Spoonbill/Paddlefish in the 3 hours we fished. The only problem was they just wern't very big. Biggest was about 40lbs with the rest between 20 and 40lbs. We caught them using divers going about 4mph. Most of the time we were in 40 to 50fow. Water temp. is 46degs. See my Facebook page for pics.

13 Jan, 2020