Fort Gibson Spoonbill

03-07-19: FISH ON!!! Bob and I made a trip today to Fort Gibson looking for some Spoonbill/Paddlefish and Catfish. TheSpoonbill were really stacked up. First pass or two we had a hard time getting both poles out. Nothing very big. All were males, biggest was about 40lbs. We switched gears and went looking for some Catfish. They were alittle more scattered. We did catch a reel good mess though but we had to move  a couple times. They did not want cut bait they onky wanted small live Shad. The Spoonbill were caught using diver in about 25fow. Catfish were caught in 20fow on lines cast out from boat on live Shad. Water temp.was 41 degs. See my Facebook page for pics.

07 Mar, 2019