Fishing Reports


Choutea Bend - Mar 24, 06

ronwalker.jpgStarted fishing around noon. Water temp. was 48. We tried trolling, live bait and even tried to snag some Paddle fish. We caught nothing. Then about three I switched off to some deeper diving crankbaits and the fun was on. We ended up with about 30 and cleaned 25. The biggest was 2.5, but most were in the 1 to 1 1/2 range  It ended up being a real nice day and we caught some nice Sandies.

Chouteau Bend - Mar 16, 06

IM000436.jpgFished for three hours and caught 35 sandbass. We cleaned 25. Most were in the 1 to 1 1/2 lbs range. Water temp was 61. All were caught trolling Roadrunners and Rattletraps.

Chouteau Bend - Mar 14, 06

Fished for three hours and caught 50 Sand bass. The biggest was 2 lIM000435.jpgbs.  Most were caught trolling Rattle Traps and Roadrunners. It seems the bigger fish have left the building for a few days. We cleaned 10 of the 50. Most were in the 1/2 lb range. Water temp was 58.

Sonner - Mar 11, 06

Fished from about 0700 till 2pm and caught about 20 sandbass and hybrids. The biggest was 4lbs. The water temp in the discharge channel was 63 and out on the lake it was 53. We tried fishing the main lake but not much luck. Most of the fish showed up in the warmer water.

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